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Week 2, February 24th, 2003
Week 2

Day 7: A musical number?... In a horror movie? - Ms. Kimble (Brooke Alison) leads the line dance from hell.

Day 8: Sara (Ever Carradine) and Kate (Bianca Lawson) use their homemade shotgun to take out a few zombies.

Day 9: The town of Lovelock under construction.

Day 10: Ever Carradine and Erik Palladino take a break after shooting a scene where he loses his head.

Day 11: Kate (Bianca Lawson), David (Erik Palladino), and Christian (Jeremy Sisto) deide to pull over for the night in the small town of Lovelock.

Christian (Sisto) and Sara (Ever Carradine) talk to the Lisa, the town records keeper (Miranda Bailey) about the grave robbing of Wise's newborn son.

Day 12: The crew prepares to shoot in front of the Lovelock Sheriff station.

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