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> Ever Carradine
> Brent David Fraser
> Bianca Lawson
> Jeffrey Dean Morgan
> Erik Palladino
> Oz Perkins
> Gina Phillips
> Jeremy Sisto
> With David Carradine
> And Portia de Rossi
> Diedrich Bader
> Vincent Ventresca
> Devon Gummersall
> Miranda Bailey
> Mark Kelly
> Padraic Aubrey
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Ever Carradine as Sara
Learn more about Ever Carradine:

Brent David Fraser as The Drifter
Learn more about Brent David Fraser:
Brent Fraser

Bianca Lawson as Kate
Learn more about Bianca Lawson:
Bianca Lawson

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Sheriff
Learn more about Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

Erik Palladino as David
Learn more about Erik Palladino:

Oz Perkins as Johnny
Learn more about Oz Perkins:
Oz Perkins

Gina Phillips as Melody
Learn more about Gina Phillips:

Jeremy Sisto as Christian
Learn more about Jeremy Sisto:

With David Carradine as Mr. Wise
Learn more about David Carradine:

And Portia de Rossi as Kelly
Learn more about Portia de Rossi:
Portia de Rossi

Diedrich Bader as Chef Henri
Learn more about Diedrich Bader:

Vincent Ventresca as Doc
Learn more about Vincent Ventresca:

Devon Gummersall as Orange Cap
Learn more about Devon Gummersall:

Miranda Bailey as Lisa The Records Keeper
Learn more about Miranda Bailey:

Mark Kelly as Enus
Learn more about Mark Kelly:

Padraic Aubrey as Mullet Man
Learn more about Padraic Aubrey:
Padraic Aubrey

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