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Dead & Breakfast

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Dead & Breakfast


Six friends are driving in an RV on a road trip to their friend's wedding in Texas. The gang includes, David and Kate, a bickering couple who should have ended it years ago; Sara, a sexy tomboy; Christian, a pill popping slacker; Melody, an earthy Los Angeles Feng Shui counselor; and Johnny, an introverted butt of all their jokes. Tired, they decide to stop for the night at a Bed and Breakfast in the sleepy town of Lovelock. The kind and generous owner welcomes them with open arms but Christian and David don't seem to get along so well with the uppity in-house chef. An argument ensues and the gang decides it best to go to bed early. David, however, is still under the influence of "pain killers" that Christian had given to him earlier and is left passed out on the living room sofa. In the middle of the night David awakens to find himself all alone in the dark living room. He staggers to the kitchen to search for a bite to eat. Minutes later Kate awakens to see that David has still not found his way to bed and decides to go get him. She hears a noise in the kitchen and walks towards it. She flips on the light and screams in terror. Startled, David looks up from his slice of raspberry pie in shock. What is it? He turns around to see the chef with a knife in his throat. David jumps off his stool, slips in the massive puddle of blood and falls to the floor. A scream from upstairs. Sara has stumbled across the owner of the house who appears to be suffering from a fatal heart attack. When the local Sheriff arrives, the gang finds them under suspicion for murder and told not to leave town. But that's only the beginning as nearly all of the town's quirky residents become possessed by an evil spirit and pin down the friends inside the B&B. In the vein of Evil Dead II and From Dusk Til Dawn.

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