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Miranda Bailey visits with make-up effects artist Richard Redlefsen in pre-production for Dead & Breakfast
Molds for Dead & Breakfast. On right is Mullet Man (Pad Aubrey)
Christian's (Jeremy Sisto) decapitated "puppet" head - still under construction.
A bald (and decapitated) Erik Palladino.
Another look at Palladino's head.
FX artist Ralis Khan demonstrates the beginnings of the "Hammer Claw" gag.
Craig Flores examines body parts.
The Preacher (Ric Barbera) before...
The Preacher (Ric Barbera) after...
The Gardener (Luiggi Debiasse) in his last moments.
Head Blow Up Effect Before
Head Blow up with Guts After...
The Gardener (Luiggi Debiasse)
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