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Week 1, February 18th, 2003
Week 1

Day 1: The Principal Photography Begins on Dead & Breakfast... There has got to be a better time to rob a grave than 3AM on a February night in Livermore, California.

Day 2: David (Erik Palladino), The Sheriff (Jeffrey Morgan), Melody (Gina Philips), Sara (Ever Carradine), and Kate (Bianca Lawson) On the run from ZOMBIES.

Day 3: The Zombies trap the gang inside the Bed & Breakfast.

Day 4: Sara (Ever Carradine) sits over the dying Mr. Wise.

Director Matthew Leutwyler and 1st AD Michael DeVaney prepare to shoot a CU of Wise (David Carradine) in his casket.

Day 5: The town preacher loses his head.

Day 6: Johnny (Oz Perkins) climbs into an open window.

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